Projects — Yoox x Giovanna Battaglia

A growing online creative force, YOOX is the go-to digital market to shop the latest in fashion and art. Founded by Federico Marchetti at the turn of the millennium it has reached an extremely successful global appeal , and kept an italian heart-beat. No wonder Yoox joined forces with italian style icon in the making, globetrotter stylist and W Magazine editor, Giovanna Battaglia.

The project? A collection of fancy I-Phone covers designed by Giovanna exclusively for Yoox.

For the occasion, Lula was commissioned an illustrated story to depict Gio’s fashion life and the role played by a well dressed phone.

WIth mobiles being the undiscussed number one must have, best friend, indispensable accessory, it couldn’t make more sense for an international stylist to provide a desirable cover, a fashion-forward retailer to promote it, and an army of fashionista to covet a new sparkly item.