Projects — Galactic Garden

Galactic Garden is a concept created by friends and jewellery designers Eugenie Niarchos and Noor Fares, launching its first Pop Up store in London’s Shizaru gallery, December 2012.

Inspired by eclectic beauty in every form and following their passion for jewellery, Noor and Eugenie, have conceived Galactic Garden as seasonal event, an ongoing research of unique accessories and objects, a platform where to develop their talent and creativity through exclusive jewellery pieces.

The GG girls have bejewelled fingers, are armed with passion and their imagination knows no limits.

For the launch of their first venture together, they commissioned a branding that reflected their multicoloured view.

So we dive the deepest blue seas on the hunt of shells and corals, we befriended mermaids and jellyfish, we collected crystals and photographed frost leaves, we watered exotic plants and make several trip to space.

A ticket to the Galactic Garden is the promise of a cosmic experience.