Projects — Chopard

The Cannes Film Festival, needs no introduction.
Its Red Carpet, stars parades, mundane settings, the blue sea visited by elegant yachts and most importantly, the never ending magic and power of movies, are embedded in our collective imaginary. Supporting this mastodontic force of art and glamour, swiss Über luxury jewellery brand Chopard, its official sponsor, provides all the sparkle.

Invited by Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co President and Creative Director, we spent the week along the croisette, to report live The Cannes Experience.

Lula had to pack an appropriate wardrobe, but the best part were the opportunities to get to wear Chopard’s magnificent stones. Reflecting Caroline’s irreverent taste and sense of humour, the pieces portray exotic animals, cascades of emeralds, vortex of diamonds, drops of zephyrs, and perfectly matched the festive mood of the Mystery Parties hidden through picturesque french heels, the many nights on the roof of the iconic Hotel Martinez, the lunches and galas at Eden Roc, the most unmissable movie Premiers.

Elegantly embracing our illustrated aesthetic, the Chopard family commissioned a Diary that could capture the taste of the events and the bubbly champagne. Vie fantastique indeed.