Projects — Cartier

HERSELF’s love for the world(s) of High Jewellery knows no limits,
and some pretty exciting heights are reached every time it encounters Cartier.

Notthing short of a legend Cartier represent the purest meaning of luxury:
stones, design, history, evolution, heritage, art, innovation, culture. Does this visual, cultural, stone encrusted grandness have a scent too?

Well, not one but many, all sublime creations of the genius mind of Cartier’s in-house nose Mathilde Laurent. We met Mathilde for the pages of HERSELF: a brief talk to her intricate mind and gentle voice and one’s in world of parfumed wonders and architectural scents.

Our relationship evolved into drawing her Official Portrait for the Maison. Depicting her at work, probably at a moment of specific olfactive revelation, we have tried to capture her faceted self: talented, ironic, committed, creative at the core of the word’s meaning.

Smell La Panther or Les Heures de Parfume or Baiser Vole’ to get a taste of the kind of fragrance we are talking about.