Projects — Anna Dello Russo x H&M

Anna Dello Russo is a contemporary Fashion Visionary, afraid of very little, uncaring of prejudices and truly devoted to her job. H&M is the High Street giant whose astounding intuition, understanding of the present moments and infamous pop-up friendship with the world’s top designers, always keeps them  ahead from their competition.

When the two forces above joined for a collaboration, they invited the illustrated AdR from the world of HERSELF to make an official appearance.

At the heart of the AdR at H&M collection is Anna’s very personal concept of travel: attending the world’s fashion weeks in NY, London, Milan, Paris, working in Tokyo – visiting the lands of fantasy. Faithful to her very precise visions, we created baroque golden frames and patterns, fantasy capitals where AdR lands, bejewelled planes, AdR golden coins, embossed gold on drawer-shaped boxes, shopping bags depicting colourful fashion madness. A whole illustrated Fashion Week notebook was the key.

Dulcis in fundo, Anna’s BFF, world-know dog Cucciolina, was translated into a clutch opener!
Making its debut across 44 countries, the collection is a golden token of today’s fast fashion with sense of humour. Wrapped, signed, sealed and delivered in illustrated patterns.