Projects — amfAR x Carine Roitfeld

Always dramatic, the Cannes Film Festival annual amfAR auction plays host to designer pieces, and is one of the hottest tickets during the festival.
The 2013 edition was based on the theme of gold, 40 shining looks curated by Carine Roitfeld and this year, and illustrated catalogue created by us took the stage!

HERSELF curated the art direction of the 96 page, fully illustrated book starring Lula’s fantastic friend (introduction not needed) Elizabeth Taylor.
The profits go to support amfAR, originally co-founded by Elizabeth herself with a humanitarian mandate to end the global AIDS epidemic.

The green eyed beauty queen is wearing each ensemble, with jewels chosen from her iconic collection, and a Richard Burton cameo appearances.

Big girls might need big diamonds and diamonds themselves may be a girls best friend, but this show dripping in gold, to represent warmth, love and success has got us thinking twice.